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Dear Reader,

Please use this page for general feedback and comments.

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Adrian McGlinchey

2 thoughts on “General Feedback & Comments

  1. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your review of my book; “Star Maker’s Apprentice”. I enjoyed reading your comments.
    I have been updating the book over the last year and I intend to upload it to the Apple iBook web site any day now. It will require an iPad to download it from that venue. As usual, it will still be offered free of charge.
    I don’t know if the version you downloaded contained the book’s *illustrations*!
    If not, you can download an extended, illustrated PDF of the document at this URL:

    I am curious if you have investigated the work of the late William Olaf Stapledon? One of the purposes of my Internet activities is to promote his two greatest books; “Star Maker” & “Last And First Men”.

    Once again, thank you for your kind interest.
    Please let me know if you receive this reply from me.
    Good luck.
    F. L. Szot aka “Ambassador Zot”

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment. I hope you found my review fair.

      I must admit, though, I was reading from a non-illustrated copy that I downloaded from SmashWords. The jacket cover illustration that I managed to find was very poor quality and I didn’t think this did total justice to your book. Upon your recommendation I will download a copy of the illustrated PDF version so that I can do a re-take and post an addendum to my review. I would like to use a better quality version of the jacket cover, but I will only do these things with your consent, of course.

      The initial review only had my feedback as a general reader, out of respect for copyright, but if you like I can post an updated review with links to where my readers can purchase their own fully licensed copy.



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